Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Fun

Daniel, Rachel, Alex, Lauryn, her friend Zach and I took a trip to see some of the family. My mom met us in Caldwell, Idaho the night before. We rented two rooms, thinking people would actually sleep...should have rented the pool as that is where most of the night was spent.
Next morning we woke up to rain.....a little disapointed but nonetheless undaunted, we met up with uncle Steve and family in Boise, then caravanned to Cascade.
After unpacking and staking out our bedrooms in the large house Kristen found, we drove to Gold Fork Hot Springs. Uncle Paul and some of his family were staying at his place in McCall, which was close by---so they met us there. Five pools ranging from cool to 'too hot baby' lots of laughter and a little mischief provided by the Skeens.
Friday it was still raining, (I loved it). However, Uncle Steve managed to round up several willing participants to brave the chill and take a ride in the boat. I'm not sure, but I think Steve took the boat out at least four times that day.
Saturday, yes it was still raining, but we heard a rumor it was going to clear. Again, Steve had several willing participants to brave the chill. While they were out skiing I decided I couldn't leave the lake without a quick dip in the lake.My quick jaunt turned into an hour of swimming. The water wasn't too cold after getting used to it and the sun made an appearance about halfway through.
Grandma Skeen made a fabulous zuchinni/sausage dish, Teri made a killer beef brisket, Kristen and Kevin brought their wii to entertain and the cute babies kept us all vying for their attention.
Sincere thanks to Steve and Teri for inviting us on memorable vacation.

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Jamie Jo said...

What a fun trip. That area looks gorgeous!