Thursday, July 3, 2008

So, I don't sleep very well. My doctor sent me to Jordan Valley Hospital to borrow an oximeter as she thinks perhaps I don't get enough oxygen to my brain whilst sleeping. Well, I don't need a medical appliance to know that at any given moment my brain is oxygen deprived!
Anyway, back to the story . . . Mon. 12:15 pm - drive out to the hospital, (roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas) pick up the device;
11:30 pm. plug it in, doesn't turn on, monkey with it for 15 minutes, think it's working, tape it on my finger and try to sleep;
Tues. 9:05, pack Alex and various junk in car, drive to hospital,(roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas), return apparatus;
Tues., 11:15, receive call from respitory therapist that device didn't work, need to pick it up again;
Wed., 1:45 - drive out to hospital, (roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas), retreive gadget;
5:15 pm. return home after running numerous errands, accidentally drop mechanism on kitchen floor causing batteries to fall out, probably broke it;
11:10 pm. try to figure out how to 'reset'?? computer memory on contrivance POC;
1:33 am. still fiddling with tool;
1:47 am. think it might (cross fingers, but not one that has to have infered light hooked to it);
6:00 am. Lauryn wakes me out of nightmare, (my resting heartrate was 97!) paniced because she is late for drillteam practice;
7:29 listening to x96, watering my lawn, writing, and worrying about taking machine back to hospital, (roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas).
FYI: My sincere appreciation to Microsoft Word for its help with synonyms.
FYI: Oximeter cost: $50

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The End . . .

Monday, June 30, 2008
Today was the last day of summer school. We, (the six teachers) were asked to create mini science lessons that would be educational plus fun.I spent a considerable amount of effort creating activities meant to introduce and explain static electricity. I'm sure the other teachers worked hard too on their activities.It was a swealtering 100 degrees in the building and warmer still on the stage where my class was held. Perhaps the heat was part of the problem, but most of the students didn't want to listen to or follow directions. Our 3 1/2 hours of hands-on discovery ended up being a long-drawn-out experience in futile crowd control.It is a mystery to me why our educational system fritters away massive amounts of tax payer money to support programs which may theorectically benefit ELL students---but in reality contain no form of accountability with which to assure that precious funds have not been squandered.

Veggie Tales

Sunday, June 29, 2008
I have questions that need answers. Like, how come when I forget to water my tender tomato plant for two days it disintegrates (truly, there was nothing in the spot where it had been planted), but when I withhold the water from the weeds for two weeks, with similar expectations, they are greener and healthier than before?
Also, my garden vegies receive a weekly dose of Miracle Gro in hopes they'll become super gigantic but they just seem to wane. So, with the same philosophy in mind, I mix-up a double strength batch of Roundup and saturate the noxious suckers and not even a leaf wilts?
Another thing, does anyone else suffer from weeds that seem to multiple exponentially by whatever amount are pulled? I swear if I pull out ten then the next day twenty appear, if I pull those twenty out, the following morning there are forty----sound familiar to anyone?
Lasty, mine have the ability to mutate . . . not only are they more plentiful but their root systems are deeper, thicker, stronger than ever before. Sounds like super heros don't they?

We Don't Need No Education!

Thursday, June 19th
Oh the joys of summer school. In my neverending quest to keep up on the bills I take advantage of extra job opportunities. Once again, I'm teaching school in the heat of summer to many that were invited to come back due to their lack of skill acquisition.
Unfortunately, the attitudes that arrive each morning at 8:00 are similar to the ones left behind in June.
Sometimes, when I'm kind of bored I try to imagine the various persuasive activities that my "lethargic learner's" parents think up to get their kids to show up each day. Do they offer money, toys, computer games, extra food, fewer chores, ponies . . . what? Whatever trick they have that gets the kids there I wish I could steal it and then use it on these kids so they would actually sit in their seats, open their eyes, look my direction, write with the correct end of the pencil and then, who knows---maybe they'd learn something!Posted by Mountain Skeen (Hey, it's me, Judy) at 9:32 PM 1 comments

Sleep Deprivaion and Green Onions

Friday, June 13, 2008
12:16 am, doors locked, lights off, garden watered, training-wheel bike decked out for flag-day parade. Alex, softly snores as he slumbers on the 2/3rds of my bed he is sharing with me as part of our semi/bi/tri-weekly 'sleep with grandma' tradition. I've found that if I sleep in pants with pockets, and then remember before dozing off to place each hand inside a pocket, I am able to manage somewhat comfortably on my 14" of bed space.For some reason, tonight, the usual amount of linen area isn't cutting it. I've read Stephanie's blog, Natalie's blog, Angela and Mike's blog and even chuckled while reading a couple of Anne Glamore's blogs. (If you happen to read this and know me then you'll know all those previously listed except Anne, who is the writer of 'My Tiny Kingdom' which I learned about from Angela.)So, an endearing incident from a sleep deprived mind: Earlier today or yesterday if watching the clock. Alex heard me shut the door as I arrived home from work. He ran upstairs to greet me and to remind me that I had promised to watch a 'surprise movie' with him. As I prepared to make good on my promise he asked me to close my eyes and be sure not to peek. With my eyes mostly shut I was led down eleven stairs and onto his mother's bed to await the beginning of the mystery movie. Several seconds later he announces, "ta da! Open your eyes grandma to watch your favorite show." Which as almost everyone knows is the 60's maybe 70's cartoon series 'League of Superheros'.Of course, those who are acquainted with my love and lack of sleep know the droning sound of a t.v. and comfort of a feather-topped bed are not a good mixture for my alertness. The last thing I remembered was some bad guy taking the Green Lantern's ring-of-power.When I awoke Alex was nowhere in sight. I called for him and hustled myself upstairs to begin the hunt. He was not in the house so I called and looked out front---with no luck. Decided to check the backyard where I found my junior green-thumber pulling out all the overgrown green onions.With a touch of anxiety/annoyance in my voice I began to explain the dangers of leaving without letting a responsible adult (me) know where he was going. He, ever so innocently replied, "But grandma, you were sleeping and I knew you were tired and needed your rest, I left quietly because I didn't want to disturb you."
Posted by Mountain Skeen (Hey, it's me, Judy) at 11:16 PM 0 comments
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