Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Veggie Tales

Sunday, June 29, 2008
I have questions that need answers. Like, how come when I forget to water my tender tomato plant for two days it disintegrates (truly, there was nothing in the spot where it had been planted), but when I withhold the water from the weeds for two weeks, with similar expectations, they are greener and healthier than before?
Also, my garden vegies receive a weekly dose of Miracle Gro in hopes they'll become super gigantic but they just seem to wane. So, with the same philosophy in mind, I mix-up a double strength batch of Roundup and saturate the noxious suckers and not even a leaf wilts?
Another thing, does anyone else suffer from weeds that seem to multiple exponentially by whatever amount are pulled? I swear if I pull out ten then the next day twenty appear, if I pull those twenty out, the following morning there are forty----sound familiar to anyone?
Lasty, mine have the ability to mutate . . . not only are they more plentiful but their root systems are deeper, thicker, stronger than ever before. Sounds like super heros don't they?

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