Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today, my friend Angela and I were invited to our mutual friend, Dawna's, for a Christmas luncheon. After all the food and small talk we got down to the real reason we had met.....the gift exchange. Dawna anxiously gave Angela and me our gifts and told us we had to open them at the same time. Imagine our delight and surprise when our eyes beheld a gift that was both attractive and multifunctional. Now, I know what you all are thinking, "How can I too, enjoy a striking, versatile pair of those padded cuties?"

Simple. You'll need a package of extra long, extra thick maxipads, several of your favorite motifs, and glue. Hope you receive as much pleasure from yours as I am from mine.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I wish every day could be Christmas. Except for the cold weather . . . . . I love the music, lights, people, food, colors and reverence for goodness that the season brings.

Friday, November 21, 2008


YES! I finally figured out how to alter my background layout. Yeh, yeh, I know nearly all other bloggers figured it out long ago . . . . . . . but, nonetheless, I'm proud of myself.

And, dear vegie Rachie, here's a very special Thanksgiving Jello turkey just for you!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Into the Woods

Rachel bought tickets for last night's play for Lauryn, Alex, herself and me. Lauryn couldn't get off work so we took Brett instead.
For those who've not experienced the show....it was wonderful. It began as a montage of amusing fairy tale adventures entertwining, and then ended without the expected 'happily ever afters'.
It was hard to observe families, lives and expectations dissolve because of choices made. My favorite, albeit, teary part was a song with words that stated, "People make mistakes. Fathers, mothers holding to their own, thinking they're alone. Witches can be right, giants can be good. You decide what's right, you decide what's good. You decide, but you're not alone, noone is alone".

Friday, September 19, 2008


So, I decided to find out what my name would have been if I'd been 'lucky' enough to have been born to Sarah Palin. Come to find out everyone would be calling me Mounty Bat. It's got kind of a small-town, scrubbrush, minty fresh sound to it, don't you think?
Additionally, I've decided that her names are much more inventive and befitting of my children than their bland, worn-out origonal names.
Ready-or-not here they are: Erin - Wesson Scalper; Ryan, (Erin's husband) Muzzel Mammoth; Daniel - Chin Trout; Emily, (Daniel's wife) Jeep Pike; Rachel - Pump Bust; Tyler - Pie Gallon; Nicholas - Cheney Wolfhound; Devin - Hose Hotrod; and Lauryn - Shove Maggot.
Realizing that these new names could be a mouthful to speak....it should behove any valued acquaintances to have them memorized by the next time you contact me----so get crack'n!
Please let me know what I should be calling you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rumor has it......

I was innocently preparing for class ,this morning, as I can never seem to get it all done in the 1 1/2 hours they pay us to complete weekly preparation on Friday afternoons.
A woman walked into my classroom and began, "I've heard that you are a mean teacher."
Thankfully, after speaking to her for several minutes I understood that she meant it as a compliment. However, it annoys me that many youngsters associate structure, high expectations and compliance in the classroom as characteristics of a 'mean teacher'.
It further aggravates me that many children report their interpretation to their parents, and without further investigation parents are persuaded to believe similarly and the rumor spreads like the common cold.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Three-Day Weekend...Yeh!!!!! Let's see.......how long have I been back to school? Uh.....oh yeh, one week. Pretty pathetic, but there is just something about being back on the 7-6 work schedule that makes an extra day off seem heavenly.

My class seems somewhat better behaved at the beginning of this year than last year's kids. It took about six months to get my last-year's class to where they knew what was expected. I remember well, being frustrated and wanting to quit, even if it was to work at the dreaded Wal-Mart.

Funny, though, when I saw them last week I was overjoyed and felt sad that they'd moved on to sixth-grade----I missed them! Weird, yes, but that must be a characteristic that goes with those who teach.

On a similar but different note: Our rooms are HOT!!! Even with three fans going and windows open they average about 88 degrees. How come the district office and prisons get air conditioning, but the teacher of future generations is equipped only with a FREE district-provided 'squirt bottle'?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ahhhhhh......my garden

I love gardens! All types! Both my grandparents were farmers so perhaps it's in my genes.

Summers were the best! I spent time helping my grandpa set cyphons in the ditch. He made it look simple, I ended up sucking on the tube to try to get some suction going and got a mouthful of muddy water.
Grandma sent me out to pull weeds and pick ripe peas, I brought her lots of pods minus the peas.
My brother Steve was the tree-climbing monkey, but when he wasn't available I got sent up to pick the apricots, I liked being in the tree--I didn't like going out on a limb to retrieve the fruit.
Canning was hot, tedious work...however, I loved listening to my grandmother tell stories as we peeled peaches and pairs.
My grandarents had an enormous lawn. They watered it by irrigation. It was remarkable that we were able to create countless ways to make full use of grass that was covered in 6 inches of water. I loved it as much as being at the ocean or pool.
Sometimes my uncles, David and Lowell, would stuff me into an old wooden barrel and roll me around the lawn until I was on the verge of throwing up.
Grandpa tried to teach me how to milk the cows--he made it appear easy. Try as I might I never got the hang of it. Instead grandma gave me the job of carrying a gallon of fresh milk to the neighbor in exchange for a dozen eggs.
My all time favorite memory is setting the table with all the fresh produce from the garden. It was difficult to exercise self control during the prayer as the food's aroma made me dizzy in anticipation.
My efforts pale in comparison to my progenitors, however, each time I dig up a weed, pick a cucumber or slice up a tomato I am reminded of my youth and the love, admiration and respect I felt for them. I'd like to think that ocassionally they catch a glimpse of me, and my efforts make them smile.

Monday, August 11, 2008

August 9th, 4:15 pm. There is a knock, or should a say a ring at my door. I ignore it as it's my birthday and I'm trying to take a nap. Approximately 4:32 pm, there it is again...the annoying doorbell. I rouse myself ready with a sarcastic remark and a door-slamming for any bothersome salesman who dares to provoke me from my slumber.
Alas, disbelief when my eyes drink in the sight of Tyler who I haven't seen in almost three years. What a present!
Tyler's significant other Faith, we think she's adorable! Keeps Tyler in check.
This is the picture I am going to superimpose into my outdoor, fall, family picture that is missing Tyler. Notice the foilage behind them?

Friday, August 8, 2008


My good friend Angela and I took a friend to lunch yesterday. I have spent the last 24 hours trying to sort out my thoughts and feelings about our mutual friend and her difficult situation.
She had to have the lower half of her calf amputated, it was that or possibly lose her life.
What I have learned in the last couple of days from spending time with her is: How difficult and unfair life can be; how much easier life's difficulties become when faith and trust is placed in the Savior; how immensely incomprehendable is the power from a priesthood blessing; how good it feels to forget about self and serve someone else; how valuable a 'sense of humor' can be in every troubling situation; how much we truly need each other, especially treasured friends and how thankful I am to be part of my religious organization that teaches us to develope and rely on the previously mentioned qualities.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Family ties are the most important bond in the world. I can't think of a more wonderful place to be on a vacation than with those I love!
Cute kids!

Uncle Steve showing us his 'So You Think You Can Dance' moves. What a great brother!!!! He drove his boat all the way from Washington just to have the water pump break while a bunch of them were out in the middle of the lake. Several passengers attempted to swim the boat to shore while uncle Steve paddled with a water ski.

We LOVE uncle Paul! They welcomed approximately 50 family members. They are gracious, kind, and sometimes a little bizarre.

We had a 'dam' good time at Owyhee Reservoir!!!

Logan gave everyone a ride on his tractor. The girls have discovered their hidden desire to become farmers, and both girls wonder . . . is it legal to marry second cousins?

Drake Park---feeding ducks, people chasing ducks or is it ducks chasing people? Lauryn was wary of them as she feared an Alfred Hitchcock 'Birds' type incident might take place.

Sawyer Park looking for souvenir rocks

Rachel, Alex and Lauryn hiked a very dormant, cone volcano...Pilot Butte

Swahelly Falls located between Bend and Eugene. Alex cried because he wanted to stay and hike around the falls. It was gorgeous!!!!
This is a famous watering hole called Stinkwater. My dad would always stop here on the way to Nyssa so we could get a nice drink of water. I stopped, drank water, and borrowed a couple of rocks. Good stuff!
The mother of all slides located in Burns, Oregon. We stoppped and ate lunch.

, Robyn, Cindy, me, kids and grandkids at uncle Dave and aunt Robyn's Taco Time. They fed us lunch and we porked until we couldn't move! We all love Taco Time food...maybe we should film a testimonial commercial.

My mother is in her 70's and can work circles around people half her age. Her yard is absolutely beautiful. She has built rock walls and planted many varieties of flowers and vegetables. Alex is sitting on some of the lava rock in mom's front yard: This is why houses in Bend don't have basements.

It Was a Rainy Day!

Sorry, I have been remiss in writing to let the world know about each and every exciting event that occurs in my neck of the woods. Last week we, (Alex, Lauryn and I) were dazzled by an unexpected downpour. I had just gotten out the shower so my hair was wet, my clothes were clean and dry, and my makeup freshly applied.....but to a true rain worshipper none of that matters.
We splashed, ran up and down the gutters and even floated boats. It was one of my favorite days!!!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

So, I don't sleep very well. My doctor sent me to Jordan Valley Hospital to borrow an oximeter as she thinks perhaps I don't get enough oxygen to my brain whilst sleeping. Well, I don't need a medical appliance to know that at any given moment my brain is oxygen deprived!
Anyway, back to the story . . . Mon. 12:15 pm - drive out to the hospital, (roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas) pick up the device;
11:30 pm. plug it in, doesn't turn on, monkey with it for 15 minutes, think it's working, tape it on my finger and try to sleep;
Tues. 9:05, pack Alex and various junk in car, drive to hospital,(roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas), return apparatus;
Tues., 11:15, receive call from respitory therapist that device didn't work, need to pick it up again;
Wed., 1:45 - drive out to hospital, (roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas), retreive gadget;
5:15 pm. return home after running numerous errands, accidentally drop mechanism on kitchen floor causing batteries to fall out, probably broke it;
11:10 pm. try to figure out how to 'reset'?? computer memory on contrivance POC;
1:33 am. still fiddling with tool;
1:47 am. think it might (cross fingers, but not one that has to have infered light hooked to it);
6:00 am. Lauryn wakes me out of nightmare, (my resting heartrate was 97!) paniced because she is late for drillteam practice;
7:29 listening to x96, watering my lawn, writing, and worrying about taking machine back to hospital, (roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas).
FYI: My sincere appreciation to Microsoft Word for its help with synonyms.
FYI: Oximeter cost: $50