Monday, August 4, 2008


Family ties are the most important bond in the world. I can't think of a more wonderful place to be on a vacation than with those I love!
Cute kids!

Uncle Steve showing us his 'So You Think You Can Dance' moves. What a great brother!!!! He drove his boat all the way from Washington just to have the water pump break while a bunch of them were out in the middle of the lake. Several passengers attempted to swim the boat to shore while uncle Steve paddled with a water ski.

We LOVE uncle Paul! They welcomed approximately 50 family members. They are gracious, kind, and sometimes a little bizarre.

We had a 'dam' good time at Owyhee Reservoir!!!

Logan gave everyone a ride on his tractor. The girls have discovered their hidden desire to become farmers, and both girls wonder . . . is it legal to marry second cousins?

Drake Park---feeding ducks, people chasing ducks or is it ducks chasing people? Lauryn was wary of them as she feared an Alfred Hitchcock 'Birds' type incident might take place.

Sawyer Park looking for souvenir rocks

Rachel, Alex and Lauryn hiked a very dormant, cone volcano...Pilot Butte

Swahelly Falls located between Bend and Eugene. Alex cried because he wanted to stay and hike around the falls. It was gorgeous!!!!
This is a famous watering hole called Stinkwater. My dad would always stop here on the way to Nyssa so we could get a nice drink of water. I stopped, drank water, and borrowed a couple of rocks. Good stuff!
The mother of all slides located in Burns, Oregon. We stoppped and ate lunch.

, Robyn, Cindy, me, kids and grandkids at uncle Dave and aunt Robyn's Taco Time. They fed us lunch and we porked until we couldn't move! We all love Taco Time food...maybe we should film a testimonial commercial.

My mother is in her 70's and can work circles around people half her age. Her yard is absolutely beautiful. She has built rock walls and planted many varieties of flowers and vegetables. Alex is sitting on some of the lava rock in mom's front yard: This is why houses in Bend don't have basements.


Cobbley Family said...

Awesome..some great pics!! Looks like a blast.......why don't people in Oregon have basements? hmmmmm Love the rocks!! :)

The Palmer's said...

I love all your pics! I feel like I went on a mini vacation to Oregon just by viewing them. :)
~Nat, aka Ratalrie