Friday, August 8, 2008


My good friend Angela and I took a friend to lunch yesterday. I have spent the last 24 hours trying to sort out my thoughts and feelings about our mutual friend and her difficult situation.
She had to have the lower half of her calf amputated, it was that or possibly lose her life.
What I have learned in the last couple of days from spending time with her is: How difficult and unfair life can be; how much easier life's difficulties become when faith and trust is placed in the Savior; how immensely incomprehendable is the power from a priesthood blessing; how good it feels to forget about self and serve someone else; how valuable a 'sense of humor' can be in every troubling situation; how much we truly need each other, especially treasured friends and how thankful I am to be part of my religious organization that teaches us to develope and rely on the previously mentioned qualities.

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