Saturday, August 30, 2008

Three-Day Weekend...Yeh!!!!! Let's long have I been back to school? Uh.....oh yeh, one week. Pretty pathetic, but there is just something about being back on the 7-6 work schedule that makes an extra day off seem heavenly.

My class seems somewhat better behaved at the beginning of this year than last year's kids. It took about six months to get my last-year's class to where they knew what was expected. I remember well, being frustrated and wanting to quit, even if it was to work at the dreaded Wal-Mart.

Funny, though, when I saw them last week I was overjoyed and felt sad that they'd moved on to sixth-grade----I missed them! Weird, yes, but that must be a characteristic that goes with those who teach.

On a similar but different note: Our rooms are HOT!!! Even with three fans going and windows open they average about 88 degrees. How come the district office and prisons get air conditioning, but the teacher of future generations is equipped only with a FREE district-provided 'squirt bottle'?

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