Thursday, July 3, 2008

So, I don't sleep very well. My doctor sent me to Jordan Valley Hospital to borrow an oximeter as she thinks perhaps I don't get enough oxygen to my brain whilst sleeping. Well, I don't need a medical appliance to know that at any given moment my brain is oxygen deprived!
Anyway, back to the story . . . Mon. 12:15 pm - drive out to the hospital, (roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas) pick up the device;
11:30 pm. plug it in, doesn't turn on, monkey with it for 15 minutes, think it's working, tape it on my finger and try to sleep;
Tues. 9:05, pack Alex and various junk in car, drive to hospital,(roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas), return apparatus;
Tues., 11:15, receive call from respitory therapist that device didn't work, need to pick it up again;
Wed., 1:45 - drive out to hospital, (roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas), retreive gadget;
5:15 pm. return home after running numerous errands, accidentally drop mechanism on kitchen floor causing batteries to fall out, probably broke it;
11:10 pm. try to figure out how to 'reset'?? computer memory on contrivance POC;
1:33 am. still fiddling with tool;
1:47 am. think it might (cross fingers, but not one that has to have infered light hooked to it);
6:00 am. Lauryn wakes me out of nightmare, (my resting heartrate was 97!) paniced because she is late for drillteam practice;
7:29 listening to x96, watering my lawn, writing, and worrying about taking machine back to hospital, (roundtrip 26.5 miles @ 23 mpg = $3.89 spent on gas).
FYI: My sincere appreciation to Microsoft Word for its help with synonyms.
FYI: Oximeter cost: $50

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Cobbley Family said...

aaafwwwwwwwww come on...I know you have things to write!! :P