Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nick 'Tagged' Me

1. I am far too old to play tag.
2. I HATE my jaw, I wish it could accidentally break so I could get it fixed.
3. I have a reoccurring dream that I'm flying and whenever I try to land I can't seem to keep my feet on the ground. (Interpretation . . . . . anyone?)
4. I always wanted to be a professional singer and dancer. When I was four I sat next to our bathroom heater and pretended it was a beach bon fire and I was Annette Funicello.
5. I looooovvvveeee the ocean and wish I lived within walking distance.
6. I am fascinated by unusual words and try to find ways to use them.
7. I wish I was 3 inches taller.
8. I hate fish, deer meat and small game....probably because my dad would make me clean up the blood and guts after he gutted them.
9. I wish I'd moved back to Bend ten years ago.
10. I'm afraid that I will die alone.
11. I'm big-time jealous of Rachel and Lauryn's beauty.
12. I'm jealous of Nick's excellent writing skills and Devin's creative drawing skills.
13. I'm jealous of Daniel's brains and Tyler's willingness to undertake adventure.
14. I'm jealous of Lauryn's dancing skills and Rachel's tenacity.
15. I want to run for public office and become the first honest politician.
16. Sometimes I'm really baffled by student's behavior---then I meet their parents and remember that the fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree.
17. I want to rid the world of mosquitos, flies, and lawn mushrooms.
18. I HATE the way our public school system is run.
19. I want to swim the English Channel or some channel that's not too cold.
20. I want someone to fall head-over-hills madly in love with me (I know who he is, but I'm too chicken to do anything about it.)
21. I want my body to be in the same shape as it was 20 years ago.
22. I want to travel to Scotland and England.
23. I want to travel to a third-world country and help set up a school.
24. I'd like to open an orphanage/school/farm/selfsufficiency home where children could be loved and learn how to become whole.
25. I am anxious to meet the Savior.

Now what? Am I supposed to say, 'tag you're it' to someone? If so, then Rachel, you're it!!!


Jamie Jo said...

That was fun to read. Number 16 made me laugh. I'm sure many teachers want to have the same conversation with me. You must tell your crush that you love them!

Anna said...

If you moved to Eugene you'd only be an hour away from the Ocean!

Clark and Alicia said...

I just really LOVE YOU! It was exciting reading all made me laugh, and it's funny cuz I feel the same way about a lot of the things you do!